About the Artist

IMG_20200924_112146~4While my love of art has been an ever present theme winding it’s way through my life my professional artistic life arose from pain and disability. Prior to working as an artist I was an environmental litigator and child advocate. I was passionate about my work and in love with the law. I enjoyed the puzzles that is legal work and the creativity of crafting an argument.

A bad fall, a scary car accident, and a surgery conspired to tear my health asunder and render me unable to operate as a litigator anymore. After five years of medication, struggle, long hospital stays, and a laundry list of complaints and nasty side effects I found that painting and creating were more effective pain killers than any prescription. I studied mindfulness and meditation and found healing in the practice of pushing my pain into the background of my consciousness while I created.

Now I take my fear, anxiety, stress, and pain and turn them into fine art. I joined Grace Gallery in September of 2018 and happily display my art in that eclectic and supportive space. I believe art is the ultimate path to healing. It is a way to commune with the darker, less popular feelings and grow to appreciate and even find beauty in them.

You can visit my artist page at Grace Gallery here.