Clyde in the Morning

Clyde expresses the slightly manic energy present in one who faces the day without any coffee because they would rather be in bed. 8×10 original Ebrú watercolor on archival paper. Framed in 11×14 inch grey wooden frame with glass.

Framed in Grey Wood and Glass

Far From Home

A young child snuggles their teddy bear on a snow capped mountain peak before a vast starry sky. I painted this piece to try and capture the sense of isolation that comes with debilitating illness, the peace that comes with being on your own, and the sublime comfort having just one wubby, be it a bear or a pet, can give you.

9×12 inch watercolor framed in a dark wooden frame. $200.00. Visit my secure Square page here to purchase.

Susan’s Sleepless Night

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Susan has insomnia. As she drifts closer to madness the world snoozes happily around her. She can hear the breathing of the dreaming masses while she stares at the ceiling and wonders exactly how many ways she can spend her imaginary lottery winnings before her body will give up and finally, finally, fall asleep.
Bright greens and purples offset by black and white make up the composition of this ebrú style watercolor painting

Susan is an 8×10 watercolor on archival paper. She is matted and framed in a light grey 11×14 inch frame. $175.00 for the original.

The Boy Who Followed The Moon

A small boy stands atop a dark rock ledge in front of the moon clutching his bunny. Around him swirls a stunning galaxy of stars. While painting this I tried to capture the sense of  fear that comes with having a small child. My children were always a step too far away, or a few feet too high for my liking and I have always been keenly aware of my inability to protect them from the dangers in the world. Yet they bring with their arrival this vast and powerful wonder and beauty and new understanding of the universe. A way of seeing the everything around you in an entirely different way.

This piece is an 18 x 24 inch water color painting framed in a dark wooden frame with matting and glass. The price for the original is $350.00. Full size Gicleé prints are available for $75.00 each, 11×17 poster prints are available for $25.00.